Video production tips

Video is no longer a "nice-to-have" marketing tactic, it's a "must-have"! As internet technology and online streaming capabilities have gotten better, video has exploded in popularity. It can, however, be a bit complicated. In this section of the Resource Center we offer you valuable insight into the tools of the trade and skills you will need to produce high quality videos for your business. Whether you are using them for your website, on YouTube, on landing pages, or somewhere else, you will find the tips and tricks you need to make video work for you.
Explore away and happy shooting!

How to Create Logo Stings and Other Video Elements Quickly and Easily

You can create simple video elements that look professionally done without breaking the bank.


How to Use Video to Market Your Business

With ever-evolving technologies in both internet speeds and video tools available it is easier than ever to create high quality videos on even the smallest of budgets. More than that, video works.


Using Video to Promote Your Business

Lately we have been doing some very simple, yet powerful, video production that tell short stories that have a great impact. Over the last five years or so, video has exploded in popularity.


Newsjacking: Enter the Conversation Already Taking Place in the Customer’s Mind

There are already ideas, conversations, and other thoughts prominent in your customers’ minds. To reach them successfully, you sometimes have to tap into those existing thoughts.


Drone Height Restriction of 400ft by FAA

Recently the FAA released some proposed rules for commercial drone operators. As I listened intently to the conference call, I was pleasantly surprised by the stance taken by the FAA.


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