Search Engine Optimization

These days, content creation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go hand in hand. In this section of the Resource Center we give a little bit of a different take on SEO. We approach it more from the lens of how it integrates with content to drive business results. You will find guides, checklists, and worksheets to help you with best practices. We'll also try to sprinkle in interviews with industry experts and other resources that will help you in your quest to be found. SEO is an ever-evolving skill set so be sure to check back often for updated insight.

What Do Gumbo and a Great Digital Marketing Strategy Have in Common?

I grew up in Louisiana and moved to Idaho when I was 18. I’ve been in Idaho for longer than I lived in Louisiana and consider myself an Idahoan, but one thing I do miss about the south is the food...


Business Photos and Why Google Loves Them

Adding photos to your business listing is one of the most underrated tactics with regards to your My Business listing.


Examples of Great Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.


Does Blogging Help with SEO?

In this article we are going to explore blogging as a tool to help your SEO rankings.


What is the ROI of Customer Reviews?

How do you calculate the ROI on stuff like that? What is the ROI of good customer service? Of having a clean store? Of having service techs that wear deodorant?


Why Does SEO Cost so Much?

A question we are asked often is, "Why does SEO cost so much?" There are two reasons and we break them down here...


It’s Not SEO or Content…It’s SEO AND Content

Growing up I was a huge fan of boxing. I used to watch it whenever I could and really fell in love with the sport.


A Passion for Business – An Interview with Zeb Welborn

Just before the recession hit some years back, Zeb Welborn decided to quit his teaching job to pursue other...


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