Photography Tips

As cliche as it may sound, a photograph is still worth a thousand words. Custom photography can make all the difference when creating content. It can take the bland and boring and give it life. The beauty of photography nowadays is that anyone can learn the necessary skills to take and edit beautifully stunning photos. It will take some time and patience, but in the end it is worth it.
Most of all, don't be intimidated by the process. Photography technology has come a long way and has made it much simpler than it used to be. This doesn't mean you should be lazy about it, but even a newer smart phone and a couple of editing apps can help you create awesome photos that you can use in social media, on your website, or in your marketing collateral.
Check out our tips and tricks here to learn more about how you can take great photography.

Stock vs. Custom: What's A Photograph Worth to Your Business?

So your website needs photos. Where do you get the pictures you need? Well, you have two choices: stock photography or custom photography.


Pros and Cons of DNG Photography Files

In this post I will talk about the benefits and concerns about of Adobe’s open source digital negative format. This post is intended to highlight what DNG (Digital NeGative) format is and why it...


How to Take Amazing Night Photography Like a Pro

Carl Sagan famously said “We are made of star stuff.” I’ve always liked the idea. With that in the back of my mind, I’ve been exploring star photography and have put together this guide...


Drone Height Restriction of 400ft by FAA

Recently the FAA released some proposed rules for commercial drone operators. As I listened intently to the conference call, I was pleasantly surprised by the stance taken by the FAA.


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