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With the majority of consumers online, it makes sense to have an advertising presence in digital media. There are certain nuances between digital advertising and traditional advertising, however.
In this section of the Resource Center we give you cutting edge information and tools you'll need to navigate these tricky waters.

How to Quickly and Easily Create a Marketing Strategy

Here's how to quickly and easily build a customized marketing plan for your specific business...


What Do Gumbo and a Great Digital Marketing Strategy Have in Common?

I grew up in Louisiana and moved to Idaho when I was 18. I’ve been in Idaho for longer than I lived in Louisiana and consider myself an Idahoan, but one thing I do miss about the south is the food...


How to Install Facebook Pixel Code on Your Website

Facebook Pixel code allows Facebook to monitor visitors to your website and for you track who is visiting which pages.


How to Get a 70% Conversion Rate on Your Sales Funnel

How to Get a 70% Conversion Rate on Your Sales Funnel. 5 things you need to know to make your funnels work.


What is Banner Retargeting or Remarketing?

A relatively new trend has conquered the digital marketing world, and it's appearing nearly everywhere in ways you might have been aware of. The trend is called Google remarketing.


What is Content Marketing? Even Big Brands are Blowing It.

As the popularity of content marketing grows it appears that the understanding of what it is - and what it isn't - still isn't being captured by small and big brands alike.


Lead Generation for Small Business in 8 Easy Steps

Most small business owners are very tactical in nature when it comes to their marketing. In other words, when the...


How to Build an Email List for an Offline Business

If you own a brick and mortar store or do business mostly offline (insurance agent, mortgage broker, dentist, etc.) you may think that you can’t build an email list or simply don’t need...


Where Attention Goes…

When we talk about marketing and advertising all we’re really doing is asking, “Where is the attention of the consumer?” and “How do we get in front of them wherever their attention may be?”


Dollar Shave Club Review

I am a self-identified marketing junkie. I collect junk mail. I watch infomercials for fun. I “play prospect” with companies all the time to see how they try and sell me. I examine their processes...


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