The Cigar Masters


The Cigar Masters is a newly launched Review/Authority site that offers product reviews, helpful guides and other information to cigar smoking hobbyists. The idea for the site was brand new, and the client needed help with a new brand, website, content creation, and SEO.

For this brand we knew we wanted to tap into the old world of cigar smoking. Cigars are generally hand-rolled by torcedores in factories throughout Latin America. The site should have a custom feel to it to align with that idea.

From the initial branding and web development we leaned heavily on that aesthetic, using strong, bold images that were extremely appealing to the eye. We wanted the site visitor to feel the connection to the earth, the tobacco, and the process of cigar smoking.

In addition to the branding elements, we also had a hand in developing keyword lists for the search engine optimization side of the business. After all, it’s one thing to build a beautiful brand and website and another to get people there to experience. This site is still young, but the potential has no limit.

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