How V-Squared Creative Came to Be

How V-Squared Creative Came to Be

Way back in 2003 I had just graduated from Boise State University and was working for a financial services firm for straight commission, selling insurance, annuities, and things like that.

To help generate leads we set up a small call center that did cold calls to set appointments. This was during a time when people actually answered the phone and there was no such thing as a Do-Not-Call list.

For a long time this worked great. We generated leads, set appointments, and closed deals. We had even begun to sell some of the leads to other insurance agents and financial services companies. I felt like I was Midas and that everything I touched would turn to gold.

Over time, however, the effectiveness of this approach started to wane. It was getting harder and harder to generate leads and the ones we did generate cost more and more. It was incredibly frustrating, but even more frustrating is that I felt like a complete failure. Here I was, a supposed “expert” in lead generation and I couldn’t even get that right anymore.

As things began to deteriorate further, I began searching for another way to generate leads. More and more I began reading and learning about companies who were using the internet to generate leads and sales. Google Adwords had matured a bit, Facebook established an ad platform, and publishing content became the newest thing to take the internet by storm.

I saw that the ones who were winning this game were the ones who had a strategic website (meaning they had a website that was more like a sales funnel as opposed to just an online business card), they published consistently, and they applied old school direct response strategies to new school media platforms.

As this all gelled in my mind I had one of many “Aha!” moments. I realized that everything I had learned about direct response marketing and copywriting could be applied to these new platforms. The tools we used to deliver the messages might be changing, but people were people and I knew that basic human nature was virtually unchanged for millions of years. 

People still wanted to be young and beautiful and thin and wealthy. They still wanted to feel important and have great relationships. They still wanted to be entertained. None of this would change any time soon.

Armed with this knowledge, I set out to create a company that would attempt to blend the old world and the new world.

Old school marketing was copy heavy, but ugly. Young kids coming into the marketplace wanted everything to be pretty, but had no concept of ROI. It kind of reminded me of a story I heard once about a young art director bringing an ad to famed ad man, David Ogilvy. Ogilvy took a look at the ad and said, “This is beautiful. But did it sell any product?”

I wanted to create a company that created beautiful advertising and marketing, but that SOLD product as well. 

I’ll admit that this was harder than I thought it would be. Whether it was fighting with art directors to add in the copy I knew their ad needed to sell or fighting with web designers who didn’t understand how sales funnels worked and just wanted the site to look pretty, it was an uphill battle.

I finally decided to just bring as many of these disciplines under one roof as possible so that we could focus on creating beautiful advertising that generated sales. I wanted to create a company that would be known for delivering more in value than was given. The very name V-Squared comes from “value squared.” I pledged that our core value would be to not just create beautiful stuff, but beautiful stuff that made our clients money. An early phrase I would often use for this philosophy was one I got from advertising legend Jeff Goodby (creator of the Got Milk? campaign): Art Serving Capitalism.

As a result, our clients have come to expect high quality advertising and marketing that moves product. The medium we use may change, platforms may come and go, but we will adapt, flow, and change with the times to stay true to our promise of delivering value squared.

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