Boise Branding and Logo Design We Admire

Boise Branding and Logo Design We Admire

Recently we have been getting lots of branding projects. These encompass anything from a simple logo design to marketing collateral design to full on branding packages complete with brand standard guides and multiple logo files for a variety of uses.

I've always really enjoyed these types of projects because they really let our team stretch their creative legs so to speak and try new things.

I've noticed too, that while driving around town I have begun to notice companies' branding more and more. I have to say, there are some really well-designed, clever brands out there. Boise specifically and Idaho in general have some incredibly talented creatives that live and work here. I feel like our own team is pretty talented, but I want to point out some brands that I like personally that others have created.

I am going to list them below in no particular order. (And, if you happen to know the designer or team responsible for the branding please forward me their contact info so I can congratulate them personally.)

Branding We Love - Boise, Idaho Edition

1. 44 North Vodka

44 North Vodka Logo

I love the font style these guys chose and the obvious Idaho vibe the brand has. There is a touch of rustic to it, yet it has a very modern, clean feel.

Everything about this brand gets it right from the logo design to the congruency to the package design and beyond.

2. The Beardsmith

The Beardsmith Logo

Since 90% of our office staff has a beard (excluding me and the womenfolk) it seems apropos that I would like this brand and what it stands for.

I like the quirkiness of the design and the fact that the owners weren't afraid to push the envelope a bit. The design has substance to it, but isn't overdone.

3. Crooked Fence Brewing

Crooked Fence Logo

This two-tone logo uses negative space in a unique and clever way to give the overall brand a certain distressed look.

As they say on their website, "Our equipment is not state of the art, and we don’t have an impressive list of degrees and certifications on the wall. We just love beer." Their branding completely embodies that worldview.

An important note here, good branding does more than just make your company look good. It helps you tell your story in a visual way...which in a lot of cases is more powerful than anything you could write or say.

You know, kinda like that old saying, "A picture is worth 1,000 words..."

4. Radio Boise

Radio Boise Logo

As someone who grew up during the greatest decade of all time (that's the 80s for the uninitiated) this brand speaks to me on a nostalgic level. Memories of roaming the backwoods barefoot and no shirt, playing Atari and Nintendo, and not having a care in the world, the Radio Boise logo takes me back to a simpler time.

The throwback vibe of the brand encapsulates perfectly who they are and what they stand for. Even the color palette and font choices were perfectly selected.

5. LunchboxWax

LunchboxWax Logo

Apart from the obvious innuendos, the reason I love this brand is the simplicity of the aesthetic without being overly simplistic. This is a tricky line to toe, but the designers in this case pulled it off elegantly and stylishly.

The minimalist nature of the logo - of stripping away everything that isn't essential  (no pun intended) - supports the mission of the company in just the right way.

6. Dawson Taylor

Dawson Taylor Logo

The main thing I love about this brand is the font style that was chosen. There is an elegance and flair about it that really pulls the branding together.

As with minimalism, there is a fine line between flair and gaudy. It is very easy to choose a font like the Dawson Taylor font that is too flashy and comes across as tacky. However, because the rest of the logo is muted and not overly done, this type of font aesthetic works well.

The takeaway here is, if you are going to use a script that has that much flair, make sure the rest of the aesthetic is more minimal in nature to avoid a cluttered look.

7. Primary Health

Primary Health Logo

I have long admired the Primary Health logo because of the clever use of negative space that gives it dimension. In my opinion, negative space is one of the most underused tools in the designer's toolkit when she is going for an aesthetic that has substance, but doesn't want to overdo things.

In this case, they took an idea that had the potential to be overwhelming and used negative space to accomplish their goal of a simple, sophisticated look.

8. Prefunk

Prefunk Logo

The image of the hop really makes this a great logo. With something as innocuous as the hop the genius of the branding is in the simplicity. With a grungy feel to it and hipster vibe, this logo really speaks to the target market of the bar.

There is just enough detail in the image itself so that you know what you are looking at without overdoing things. The lettering and distressing of the letters supports this emotion as well.

As with all design projects, the key to great design is knowing when to stop adding detail. The team responsible for this brand got it right.

9. WestVet Veterinary Clinic

WestVet Logo

I always love when logos incorporate several elements to make a single image. In this case, WestVet uses images of animals to create an image of the state of Idaho.

Apart from being clever, this branding takes advantage of a hyper-local frenzy that is taking place across the country. In particular, as news spreads of what a great place Boise and the surrounding areas are to live in, brands that emphasize "buy local" will win. Whether this was the intended strategy or not, it certainly won't hurt them in the marketplace.

10. Treefort Music Fest

Treefort Music Fest Logo

As you have probably guessed by now, the edgy, kool, brand that is minimalist in nature is immensely appealing to me. Although not every logo I have featured here meets that criteria, in general, that's the aesthetic I am most drawn to.

Treefort then, is right up my proverbial alley. With a simple design of crossed branches (logs? Idk) and versatile color schemes this branding can play a variety of roles depending on the context of the marketing platform. This gives them a great ability to blend well with other brands (since partnerships and sponsorships seem to play a big role in their business model).

The Soul of a Brand

Good branding is about so much more than the aesthetics, the font choices, the color palettes, and everything else that goes into it. A great brand captures the very soul of the company that it represents. If people don't feel something when they see your branding then you are missing a huge opportunity to connect with your audience.

The world needs more companies that tell their stories well and establish meaningful relationships with their customers. Yours can be one of just need the right branding.

If you are interested in giving your brand a refresh or having a new set of eyes give you ideas on how it can be improved, then we'd love to chat. Just fill out the Start a Project form below and we will be in touch within an hour or two.

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